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Wood oven baked eggs
Wood oven baked eggs Most important meal of the day
Mixed green salad with sundried tomatoes
Mixed green salad with sundried tomatoes Mmmmmmm Greens!
Rib Dinner
Rib Dinner Ribs!
Cracker! Crackers
Smoked Chicken
Smoked Chicken Served on our focaccia
Wood Oven at work
Wood Oven at work Made fresh for you
Organic Blackberry Pear Tart
Organic Blackberry Pear Tart Served with organic dark roast coffee
Burger time!!!!
Burger time!!!! People love our burger
Broiche Buttery Goodness
Blackberry pear tart
Blackberry pear tart It's all organic goodness
Baked fresh daily
Baked fresh daily Whole wheat sour dough